Sorry to Report...

Navigating Relationships

Under Quarantine on 4/21/20




I haven't felt well the last three days and I've been so torn on whether to cancel our group call or try to push through.


And yet the more I think about it, I realize it's an opportunity to take my own advice. I wouldn't coach my clients to push harder and ignore their body's signals if they really weren't feeling well - or to show up and serve others before taking care of themselves first. 


So, I've chosen to follow that, to honor my body now and her call to rest - to heal from this overwhelming fatigue. It doesn't seem to be Covid19 related, in case you were wondering, and yet I'm monitoring my temperature throughout the day as well to be safe.  


So I ask for your understanding as I take care of myself. I also ask for your patience as a little time passes and I sort out our rescheduled date.  


I was so excited to connect with each of you and support you in your relationships during quarantine. I also trust that the perfect timing will emerge for us to come together again in the near future.


Sending love and light for your own health and safety! I'm also encouraging you to take any time and space you might need to nurture yourself in important ways. 


Yours in sisterhood and support,