A One Day


for Women

Saturday April 21ST, 2018

9:30am - 4PM STUDIO CITY, CA


How To Create Wildly Fulfilling Relationships With The Men In Your Life

(and the ones to come!) 


Are you finding your relationships with men continually frustrating – no matter what you try?

Are you left hurt or confused by how men seem to think and act with one-word answers or push/pull dynamics?

Do you wish you could have smoother, supportive, and more responsive relationships with the men in your life?


If so, you’re not alone.


A good share of my experience with many of the men in my life was that they were ambivalent, inconsistent, and disconnected. Sound familiar?

It felt like I couldn’t connect with them on an emotional level. This was based on the conclusions I came to when they responded differently than I expected to my attempts to reach out. This led to many inaccurate assumptions on my part and a lot of pain for many years.

This all finally started to change when I began studying the phenomenon of men 6 years ago. I learned how truly different men are from women, not only on a biological level, but in the many ways our culture and environment influences them today.

Now that I know more about what makes them tick, how they think and what they need, I’m healing from the pain and misinterpretations I lived with for so long and my relationships with all men have shifted greatly. 

Not only has this information helped me, it’s also helped my clients shift their relationships with men in powerful ways too!

That’s why I’ve put together this one-day women’s workshop.


Together we'll uncover:

  • The difference between Men and Women’s Operating Systems and what this impacts

  • Men’s 4 primary purposes in life and why they matter 

  • How to integrate your core feminine archetypes and get more of what you want with men and others

  • How to navigate your own inner masculine and feminine and how that affects the men in your life

  • What men really, truly want….and it’s not what you think! 

Join Me Saturday April 21st from 9:30am to 4pm in Studio City 

The investment for this entire live 6-hour workshop is only


Isn’t it time to solve the mystery of men and have more fulfilling relationships, healthy clear communication, fabulous intimacy and connection on a whole new level?

And the great news is, this information is helpful with all the men in your life - sons, brothers, bosses and co-workers, as well as in relationships with your husband, boyfriend and potential dates. 

Join me on April 21st and we’ll Demystify Men together.

Space is limited so reserve your spot now!