Join me for my 6-WEEK ONLINE Workshop!

Doing Dating Differently:

A Fresh Approach to Love! 

Starting Wed. Oct. 30th

7pm to 9pm

Are the usual ways and approaches to dating not working for you? 


Have you been ghosted for the last time and you're ready to give up? 


Are you tired of doing a lot of the same thing and expecting a different result? 


If so, I really, really feel you. 


A lot of women sadly have given up on love. They've given up on that partner to share the holidays with, the person to have Sunday mornings together, that man who knows how to make you smile like no one else can.


If you're looking for refuge, for a refresh on the search for love and you're tired of what's NOT working, I encourage you to join me for this

6-week online course where we'll stop the things that aren't working.  


We'll look on the inside to reboot and clear out the blocks. You'll be vested with new information on how men operate and think. You'll also be embracing the unique feminine magic with in you that most women don't know about and haven't accessed before. 


You'll step back into the dating world with not only a new perspective, but a whole new truth and clarity about Who You Are and what you're open to receiving!


You'll also get clear on What You're Capable of Claiming in Your Vision for Love and Your Reality of Love and Partnership!  

Love is available to everyone and I'm thrilled to support you with the tools for Doing Dating Differently, in ways that work for all of the parts of you!    

At this event, you’ll:


  • Learn the how’s and why’s about men’s behaviors that you’ve never known before.

  • Recognize beliefs at play that sabotage your dating potential.

  • Uncover your current story about men, based on past experience and societal influence.

  • Experience the game changing power of your new story with men. 

  • Receive weekly dating tips and direction that ignite your dating life.

  • Embrace the feminine archetypes that magnetize men.

  • Revive your dating potential with new wisdom, beliefs and possibilities that create up-leveled experiences.

  • Build a strong “dating toolbelt” by learning skills and frameworks to enhance self-knowledge and navigate the dating waters.

  • Engage in inspiring exercises and activities that anchor your new learnings and practices.

It all begins Wednesday Oct. 30th, 2019

ONLINE from 7pm to 9pm PST 

Join Me and We'll Do Dating Differently

So You Can Have the Experiences, the Fun and the

Romantic Relationship You Want!!