A wholehearted search for my own healing is where my story begins.

In that soul stirring, difficult at times, heart-aching and heart-opening process of personal discovery, I stumbled upon my purpose - to help others heal and light up their own lives through growth and transformation. 

Some of the loudest messages I heard growing up were ‘think of others first, do for others, put others ahead of yourself, don’t rock the boat, don’t be selfish, and just go along to get along.’

Do any of these sound familiar to you? As you can imagine, living by those ideas led me to making choices and decisions that were all about making others happy, even if it meant sacrificing myself.

My inner thoughts, feelings, and preferences were bottled up, screaming to be heard. As a result, I dealt with years of intense anger and frustration, little self-confidence and a tremendous amount of self-doubt.

I was miserable.

Then one night in my twenties, I found myself lying in bed, agonizing about breaking up with a boyfriend and my preoccupation was about whether he would be ok. Would he be devastated? Rejected and hurt? How could I spin it to ease his pain?  I thought “Hmm… maybe I shouldn’t break up after all!”

And then it struck me like a lightening bolt.  Where were my feelings in the process?  Where was the commitment to what was right for me?

Being a seeker, these questions led me to therapy – and without exaggeration, it changed my life.  As my therapist heard me and acknowledged my thoughts, feelings and opinions, I began to do the same for myself. I learned how to support myself emotionally and found new possibilities for honoring my needs in ways I never had before.

Powerful and profound.

Once I was in a grounded place of self-worth and self-advocacy, the next step was playing a “bigger game” in my life – going after the big dreams and desires that were burning inside me.  For this, I was wise enough to hire a coach, and my life changed again.

In coaching, we put the internal changes from therapy into physical practice.  I decided what I “really” wanted to do with my life – facilitate these kinds of TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGES with others. 

With the support and accountability from my coach, and after 13 successful years in television production, I got into my first choice of graduate schools, completed the program with honors, became licensed as a Marriage Family Therapist, and opened my private practice.  Then, wanting my own clients to see both internal and external changes in their lives, I folded the power of coaching into my practice.

A Dream Come True.

Now I have a deeply rewarding and prosperous career doing what I love every day.

Where are you on your own voyage of self-discovery and personal reclamation?  How much of your life still depletes you and saps your joy?  Are you going after your deepest dreams and making them a reality?

  • My clients learn to powerfully make themselves a priority, while showing up for their loved ones as well.

  • My clients proudly claim the truth of who they are and live in more balance and joy daily.

  • My clients create the life they want and live with more fulfillment and abundance.


Isn’t it time you shine your light and live a life of fulfillment and freedom?

If my story speaks to you, let’s talk about how you too can have the life you’ve always dreamed of!