• Molly Lyda, MA, Coach

The Upside of Fear

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Can fear help us be our best selves?

I've heard people talk about fear in many different ways - how much they hate it, how it's ruined their lives and what they'd do if fear wasn't present.

We're all wired to experience fear for biological reasons, so how do we manage to live with and make friends with that part of ourselves that protects us at times, yet steals amazing possibilities too?

In all truth, fear is just an internal alarm system saying, "You're leaving your comfort zone!". Fear's purpose is to keep us safe, living in a corner, not taking risks - alive but not living and surviving but not thriving.

When we leave our comfort zone, we're offered the opportunity to grow in some way and with that, so many new opportunities appear. This can feel new, scary and yet exciting too.

How We Grow

When we begin to take a risk and fear arises, know it's just a sign that you're growing, that you're stepping away from things most comfortable. That's all! I say that with enthusiasm because I love to grow. That's why I do the work that I do. I'm always digging deeper into understanding myself more, pushing my growing edges. So as you can imagine, I love to watch and support others in their growth too.

When we grow, it leads to your soul's expansion. When we expand, we're stepping into the opportunity to experience more of our full potential, even in small ways like when doing something alone that you'd usually do with someone else, being more vulnerable on social media, or ordering that dish at the restaurant down the street you've wondered about but never tried.

What We're Here To Do

Those little moments of moving past our fear, taking risks, and stepping into growth, leads us to connecting with the infinite power that lives within us that helps us through the fearful thing. By doing so, we step into more of the truth of who we are, the part that Source wants us to share with the world, the part that is only unique to how YOU say and do things.

How crazy to think that the Infinite, the Divine, that Higher Power, whatever you call it, wants to express itself in billions of ways that are only unique to as many people who are on the planet - that's A LOT of unique expression!

Yes, the world needs your uniqueness and only your brand of it. And if we let fear take over, no one will get to see, hear and experience what you're here to do. You might think that what you have to offer isn't anything special but the people you pass every day and the ones you interact with regularly need you, just as you are, in all your simplicity and all your greatness.

Bigger And Better

The world also needs the full YOU in the bigger opportunities that come your way - speaking at a work event, standing up for something you believe in while risking social approval, loving fiercely when part of you just wants to give up on the other person.

So, know that the fear will be there and that its presence is just nudging you to grow. Feel your way into the growth and that'll help you step into your power, into more of the truth of who you are. And trust that something larger is moving and expressing itself through you.

Show up and be real. Express yourself and be You in only the way you can. Be truthful and loving, tender and kind, powerful and funny, lively and playful.

Let the fear lead you into the opportunities to be your greatest self and share your best with the world. We all need what you have to give.

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