• Molly Lyda, MA, Coach

What's Your Silver Linings Playbook for Quarantine?

So many big changes have happened to everyday life recently and it’s given me some much-needed time to reflect. During this unique and unprecedented time of the quarantine and prevention of COVID-19, we are forced to pause and live in unexpected ways - but that doesn’t mean fear and worry have to dominate our new and temporary existence. 

When life changes drastically, it’s hard to see anything but the adjustments we’re having to make and it can be challenging to keep things in perspective, often leading to feeling overwhelmed, fearful and uncertain. 

Surviving or Thriving?

Attending to those adjustments often heightens our survival mindset, leading us away from ideas of positivity and possibility. If you’re experiencing this, remember it’s a very human response and you’re not alone! So many of us are right there with you. This survival mentality is helpful in keeping us alive, but it doesn’t allow us to thrive, right when we need it the most. 

So, what’s your Silver Linings Playbook for quarantine? Have you considered looking for them and setting yourself up with “plays” to make the silver lining outcomes happen? We loved the movie with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence because it reminded us that even through tough times, there are silver linings within these experiences if we keep our eyes open.

Finding Silver Linings

I invite you to remove your survival lenses for a moment and put on your silver linings glasses and ask yourself:

What are the magic, miracles, surprises and blessings happening in my life, right now?

Is it the deeper unexpected connection with your kids while they’re not in school? 

Or reaching out to dear friends you haven’t talked to in years?

Maybe you’re now working on that passion project you never had time for previously? 

Or are you finding a refreshing new dance in shared space with your partner, now that you’re both working from home? 

Whatever the case, how is this strange, unexpected change in life working for you, rather than against you? 


It’s never too late to begin looking for the good things happening, in spite of the interesting times we’re living. Below are a few tips and questions to ask yourself to shift your mindset:

  • Tune into your fives sense more often. This will keep you grounded and present in the moment. Ask yourself - what’s unique and different around me in this moment that I can taste, touch, hear, see and smell? We’re often surprised by what we discover through our senses and it can lead to identifying unexpected blessings.

  • What are the things you miss about everyday life before quarantine, that you didn’t notice before? Stepping into that awareness helps us to connect with the things we want to recreate in our lives now if possible or when time and space permit again in the future. Sometimes I really miss my drive to work and the time it gave me to listen to podcasts. Now I’m putting on a podcast while I clean and organize my space at home during quarantine.   

  • Ask yourself, how has Abundance been seeking me out? Was it in the packages of toilet paper surprisingly available at the store? The fresh flowers that are still sold outside of Trader Joe’s? Or the extra connection and support you’re finding with your neighbors that wasn’t there before? Remember that Abundance flows in many ways beyond money itself, so keep your eyes open. These too could be part of the surprises waiting to be celebrated in your life. 

Feelings Are Good!

Lastly, let’s also remember that while looking for the magic and miracles all around you, it’s important to allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling currently. This is in contrast to the common response of ignoring feelings or avoiding them until they become unmanageable. It’s ok to cry and it’s ok to feel anxious or scared. 

The key here is balance, allowing both positive and negative feelings to exist and flow within. Given that negative feelings sometimes have a way of snowballing and dominating our thoughts, looking for the silver linings is one way to move towards balance by encouraging the positive perspectives and feelings to grow, while keeping the survival mindset at bay.

We will all get through this! And remember, by keeping our eyes open for the silver linings in this wacky world of quarantine, we’ll shift our perspective towards seeing more possibilities that serve us in positive ways now, and long after this unique time. 

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