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People come to me with one main goal in mind,

no matter their age or life circumstances:

To find more joy, fulfillment, success and meaning in their lives.

I’m a therapist turned transformational coach. This gives me a unique background and skillset to work with you on creating the life you would love most! 


I know the importance of working on both internal and external change – meaning we have to look at your thoughts, beliefs, mindset, and self talk ALONG with crafting a plan of new, exciting actions to get you where you want to go!


If either side of this equation is forgotten, roadblocks ensue!


This is why I’ve done my particular course of extensive study – so you can

make positive, sustainable change in the areas of work, relationships, health… and everything that’s important to you!



I'm committed to helping you release the things that are depleting you, causing resentment, or otherwise hindering your joy, and to instead assist you in building a life based on your most passionate priorities and values.


Too often we find ourselves on a “path” we chose long ago – and at this point in life our dreams have changed! I'm here to uncover what makes your heart sing. 


What would it feel like to live a life of freedom and fulfillment? 

What would provide you the most meaning and purpose? 

What would it be like to feel good on the inside, while creating the life you really want on the outside?

What would dating and partnership feel like if it was fun, passionate and heart-centered with an unshakable stability inside throughout the journey? 


After getting clear on the answers to those questions, I help you translate your larger picture hopes and dreams into measurable, tangible goals and further into achievable action steps. This allows you to focus on the immediate task at hand and avoids overwhelm that can often derail even the most tenacious. 

What Gets in the Way


And if set-backs occur, or self-sabotage and procrastination come up, together we look at root issues or what beliefs / fears are getting in the way and not serving you. We explore what conclusions you’ve drawn about life or yourself that are holding you back or not fitting with where you find yourself today and where you want to go. 


Along the way, you develop clarity, confidence, motivation, and inspiration! Can you imagine waking up in this way every day?




Some of my clients focus on dating which is an area of joy for me and my specialty! I support women in Doing Dating Differently - dating from the “inside out,” having so much fun as they show up fully for the adventure, keeping the faith during the beautiful process of growth, learning and manifestation, while not settling and not making excuses - like so many of us have done before. (Sound familiar? It won’t happen with me coaching you on the path to love and partnership!). 


My Creative Approach


During coaching sessions, in addition to deep, reflective discussion, my work with clients can include the use of art, metaphor, music, ceremony, ritual, body movement and other unique explorations to support them in more fully discovering their strengths, gifts, and highest priorities during the transformational coaching process.  

Through coaching, my clients experience:


  • Strong clarity and vision around what they want most

  • A fun and motivating plan of action

  • Dynamic and unique self-care practices 

  • Speaking their truth powerfully

  • Setting and holding loving boundaries

  • A new sense of self-compassion 

  • Saying goodbye to the harsh “Inner Critic”

  • Getting healthy, losing weight, regaining vitality

  • Finding that amazing romantic partnership

  • Starting their own businesses

  • Exciting career advancements

  • Fulfillment of passion projects

  • Healed relationships with family members, parents, children

  • Freedom from outside “shoulds” and expectations

  • Unbounded creative expression

  • Feeling renewed and reinvigorated in their lives


A magical sense of meaning and purpose. Daily.

I equip you with tools, resources, and accountability to overcome the challenges and fears that typically hold you back so that you can successfully turn your vision into a powerful and exciting reality!


Isn’t it time for your life to be robust, passion-filled, and meaningful?


Each day that we wait, living in quiet desperation or complacency,

we lose – we don’t get that time back.


The Time Is NOW. Intrigued?

Let's Talk!