Isn't it time to shine your light and live a life of fulfillment and freedom?



I know too many women who aren’t getting

what they want in life.


Often their lives include sacrificing themselves for others to near exhaustion, people pleasing and not knowing why, wrestling with a harsh inner critic, comparing themselves to others, and having a hard time saying NO. 


Or they may be burnt out on the dating game, struggling to manifest a healthy romantic partnership and ready to throw in the towel on relationships altogether. 


It’s time to stop.


The solutions to that inner torture unfortunately are rarely taught in western culture. Deep self-love and self-honor have been eclipsed by other life circumstances and worldly values, leaving women feeling frustrated and unfulfilled and not knowing how to make a change.

And this personal chasm unfortunately impacts every element of intimacy with yourself and others, as well as navigating dating and participating in successful partnership. 


I know these problems well. I know them because I spent a good share of my life living with them.


And I’m happy to report that YOU
don’t have to live that way.


It’s time to shine your light and claim your right to what you want most. You are here to live vibrantly and fully, no longer settling for fear, doubt and unrealized dreams! 


As a therapist turned Transformational Coach, I can help you create the magic you’re yearning for! Read more HERE.

My extraordinary clients experience:


  • Powerful clarity about what they truly want.

  • Freedom from outside “shoulds” and expectations.

  • A plan-of-action for meaningful, soul-driven change.

  • True inner strength and confidence.

  • ​Dating differently, from the inside out, with joy and purpose.

  • Pride in achieving their goals again and again.

  • Deepened self-love and self-honor.

  • The release of dysfunctional relationships and patterns.

  • Boundless creativity and self-expression.

  • Romantic partnership that is heart-centered, authentic and passionate.

  • Incredible new careers, financial freedom and physical wellness.

  • A fulfilling, joyous, fun-filled life that they’ve created!


My clients step into the lives they truly desire
with strength, purpose and grace.

“Before working with Molly as my coach, I wasn’t clear on what I wanted or needed to focus on in my life and just let other people’s priorities fill my time. Now I’m clear on my vision, what I’m working towards, and how to get there.”    


D.O. - Financial Executive

“Prior to coaching with Molly, I felt lost and overwhelmed with all that I wanted for my life. Now I’m confident and connected to myself like never before. I have the vision for what I want and I’m enjoying watching it come to fruition.”                         


M.P. - Social Worker

“Previously I had been living in chaos with little structure. I was overwhelmed with what I wanted in life, very hard on myself in terms of self-criticism and comparison with others, and unaware of how often I was operating from fear. As a result of my work with Molly as my coach, I am now living a day-to-day life that is more self-accepting and centered around love. Now I'm not as hard on myself, able to truly love and appreciate others, and I'm proud of my accomplishments, large and small.  Thanks Molly!”  


S.Y. - Graduate Student


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