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Your Guiding Light

Having a vision is so important. It’s the anchor to anything and everything you’ve ever wanted to have, accomplish or experience. When you create a vision and allow yourself to see a vivid picture of what you really want most and feel it deeply (visioning tools described below!), creating the life you really want becomes a joy and the journey towards it becomes magical. I’ve used these tools for many years and they’ve been instrumental in creating so much of the life I love, so I’m excited to share them with you!

When we don’t have a vision about the things we desire, they elude us and never quite come to fruition. Sometimes, they get close to coming true but because our desires are cloudy, we never really hit the mark. We’re often left feeling unfulfilled, frustrated and sometimes angry about it.

You might have only stood on the sidelines of your dreams, not sure what steps to take to make them happen, or perhaps you’ve been afraid your dreams just aren’t possible, so you don’t engage. When you take the proactive steps of holding and designing a vision, possibilities and opportunities start opening up and the inspiration for your dream stays potent, sustaining you along the road to its fruition.

The word dream might mean different things to different people. In using the word here, I mean it could be anything from making millions of dollars or desiring a job promotion. On a different end of the spectrum, it could also be wishing for a smooth and graceful relationship with a particular family member, or waking up with less fear and more daily joy. Visioning tools work for anything we want – external and internal -- and the more we use vision in all aspects of our lives, the better life becomes.

The Benefits

Perhaps not surprisingly, when we get more intentional and focused with our vision, movement towards our dream is more likely to happen and the process often speeds up.

Visioning also can be used for daily life, as well as for your larger dreams and goals. For example, seeing the image of how you want your day to go can be really helpful in setting the tone and your mindset for the positive outcome you want. This is particularly helpful as you prepare for a date you’re going on or that work meeting you’re leading.

Visioning is also supportive if you’re facing something that you anticipate might be difficult or something you don’t “ideally” want to do but must, for work or in regards to other adult responsibilities. Seeing the experience in your mind’s eye working out positively and holding onto that vision makes a huge difference in not only the outcome but how you step into the experience in the first place!

The Good News

If this information is new to you, I want to assure you that you’ve been using the tool of visioning throughout your life but maybe didn’t know it. When you hold an idea or image in your head of what you want and continually strive to make that a reality, that’s visioning. So, let’s connect with your existing ability to vision effectively.

Give some thought to times when having a vision has really served you, even if you didn’t know you had one or were following it. Was it the idea you had about the college you wanted to go to or the college experience you desired? Or let’s consider the car you’re driving. Had you envisioned having it for a while beforehand? What about the work you do? At one point did you set your sights on being in the field or working in the capacity you're currently at? And if not, maybe there’s a hobby or passion project you’ve cultivated outside of work that you love? Lastly, what about a significant event in your life – having a child, finishing a graduate program or buying your first house?

What images and ideas guided you towards those fulfilling experiences before you achieved the results? I bet you can look back and recognize the thoughts and ideas you held onto about many aspects and details, even unknowingly, that absolutely shaped that particular outcome.

Knowing you’ve already done this in some capacity in your life gives you momentum to actively use the visioning tips below and by doing so, they’ll be even more powerful and effective.

What Gets In The Way

The biggest roadblock people encounter with visioning is getting stuck in HOW they’re going to make their dreams come true. When we get wrapped up in all the steps and details, it can be overwhelming and intimidating, often leading us to give up on something we really want.

This is where you must let faith take over and trust that when your vision/desire is strong enough, you’ll be guided through the necessary steps and avenues to get there! Of course, it’s important to be mindful of what creating something you desire might entail task-wise, but letting the bigger and long-term picture overwhelm you constantly will often deter even the most tenacious. Instead, the magic is focusing on one step at a time, looking for the next indicated action, trusting that each bit of progress is pulling you one step closer to the fulfillment of your dream.

The Ease and Flow

When we can focus both on the next available step right in front of us AND hold onto the ultimate vision we desire, it all starts unfolding easier than we’d expect. I promise. Some of the best parts of fulfilling our dreams are all the surprises and twists and turns we’ll take getting there. Sometimes this leads to our vision being challenged and questioning if we're in it for the long haul – but this is a moment to reclaim and double-down on what we really want. This sends a powerful message to the Universe about what we're committed to. Then, stay open to nuances or shifts and new awarenesses to guide you forward.

Tips For Writing Your Vision:

· Imagine your intended future or dream, but then write about it in the present tense, as though it is happening now. Our brains are more likely to identify next steps and possibilities when the desire is seen as happening now rather than in the future.

· Use vivid, descriptive and exciting language.

· Make it personal, starting each sentence with “I am . . . .” or other present tense wording.

· Use positive language - for example, “I am enjoying good health and breathing clean air,” as opposed to, “I am not smoking.”

· Make each sentence of your vision at least 50% believable to yourself. In other words, envision accomplishments or experiences that may stretch you, but you really have a possibility of attaining as well, if you put your whole heart and soul into it within the realistic timeframe you've established. This is in contrast to “I am enjoying prepping and climbing Mount Everest in a month.”

· Read your vision at least once a day and viscerally feel each sentence and description you’ve written, as if you’re experiencing it having already happened.

· Don’t feel that you are “locked in” to what you have written – this is just your highest intention from today’s perspective. You may change, update, or adapt your vision at any time.

The Hidden Secret

The tool of visioning can change your daily life and lead to fulfilling the dreams and ideas you’ve long desired. But that’s not all! What many people aren’t aware of is that when you embark on the visioning process and making your dreams come true, the adventure provides new opportunities for learning, growing and expanding, leading you to becoming more of the person you’re meant to be and revealing parts of your grandest self. Funny that most of the magic happens while you’re traveling towards your dream… Enjoy the ride and relish in fulfilling your dreams while creating a life you love!

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